Aerial Photography & Video

Our team of certified commercial pilots are highly experienced in the art of aerial photography and video capturing unbelievable footage and producing ultra HD imagery for all types of industries. Roatan is uniquely positioned to use aircraft, drone and machine learning technologies to capture the client’s photo and video needs.

Whether you are a Real Estate agent selling or buying a home or have surveying and mapping needs, we will have a package designed for you delivering at least 5-6 different aerial angles.

Aircraft Aerial Photography & Video:

Our expert team of commercial pilots are no strangers to seeing and knowing how to get the best views from high above. Using the latest equipment, aircraft and computer services are optimal for capturing photo at a wide angle covering large areas of land and is a great affordable option for a variety of photography needs and projects in real estate, commercial development, construction, etc.

Additionally, due to regulations, there are some areas that drones will not be permitted. In those situations, we are prepared with our aircraft offerings.

Our packages start at $650. For more information visit our package options.

Drone Aerial Photography & Video:

Roatan Aviation is certified , insured, and FAA Part 107 certified. We are proud to partner with certified commercial aircraft and drone pilots for our services. Roatan Aviation provides professional drone services for projects that require aerial photography, videography, and data information. Specializing in the Real Estate industry, with a drone we can capture crystal clear high definition footage. If you are selling a home, a potential buyer will feel like they are right there, in person, touring the house from the comfort of their computer. In addition to getting up close, we can capture the most beautiful aerial footage.

Our packages start at $350. For more information visit our package options.