Aerial Mapping

We are a premier provider of aerial mapping. Roatan offers comprehensive aerial mapping services for projects in a variety of industries providing the most accurate data through drone technology and aircraft.

Aircraft Mapping

Airplanes might be an effective approach for more complex, large-scale, larger coverage mapping projects. Our experienced, certified, and insured commercial pilots will work with you on your requirements.

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding what method is best for your mapping needs:

  • Drones are lightweight, and most cannot fly in winds over 30 mph.
  • Drones have a short battery life, flying at least 15 minutes, meaning it will cover a smaller area, while airplanes can cover more ground flying for much longer.

Drone Mapping

Efficient. Cost effective. Accurate. Safe.

A growing trend is the use of drones for mapping and inspections. More and more people are realizing the importance and the growing need of an aerial perspective and the related data that is collected.

Roatan Aviation will work with land surveyors, engineers, developers, and real estate experts to deliver high-resolution maps and 3D replicas for thorough analysis.